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A2 Ltd An innovative company specializing in ICT and Telecommunications, and formed by a group of experts in the field.

A2 provides you with reliable and innovative solutions


Specialized in ICT and Telecommunications with a main objective to develop and improve the productivity of our customers. Our professionals have extensive experience in the telecommunications, networks, IT and distribution sector, which constitutes a tangible guarantee for our customers.


Innovation and ownership are in the heart of our business and are our road to success.

Serverd Areas

  • 1 OIL & GAZ
  • 2 Telecom
  • 3 PME
  • 4 Governement
  • 5 Agriculture


A2 offers a wide range of products and services for nation-wide projects and for medium to large businesses, all bolstered by the performance, reliability, security and support your business needs.

Networks & Telecoms

A2 extensive experience in the field of ICT, Networking and telecommunications allows us to advise you on the most suitable solutions for your business such as installation of infrastructures and internet access to the interconnection solutions, fixed and mobile telephony for the main market players.

Software development

Our software engineers experts can help you design and optimize every aspect of your experience by ensuring your project is set up while ensuring user-friendliness.


A2 puts at your disposal its large network of points of sale supported by an innovative customer / last mile distribution model based on advanced technological platforms in order to market your products in Mauritania and in the sub-region.

Mobile banking

We strongly believe that mobility is at the centre of the IoT trends driving a connected consumer, with a relentless focus on enhancing the digital experience for consumers.

An innovative and lastmile oriented approach has been applied to give birth to A2 Store, a store that combine physical show room and virtual room giving our customers the best experience they deserve.
Our elegant and multi-products show room is located at 401 NOT TVZ where you have access to variety of telecom products together with a professional assistance for complex projects products.

Opening hours : Monday - Saturday 8h - 21h
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